One and Done!

The folks in Tuscalloosa are a fine bunch and myself and several Dawg friends made the journey to T-town this past fall for our game with the Tide. It was the first time I’d been since ’95 when James Warner the UGA TE dropped a sure first down pass from Eric Zeier that would have allowed us to run down the clock. Of course ‘Bama came back down and kicked a FG to win the game in the waning seconds.

Folks down there were awful nice and we had a ball at Houndstooth Sports Bar and I can recommend it highly for it’s outdoor seating right on the strip in Tuscaloosa, cold beer, and lots of old Bama football paraphenalia.

Anyway, as OG notes those Bammer folks really like to do their “yellow hammer” cheer. FWIW the yellow hammer is the Alabama state bird. Why in the hell they do a cheer about it I have no idea.

Not suprisingly when Matthew Stafford, Knowhson Moreno, Mikey Henderson, and a whole host of Bulldawgs took the crimson clad masses into overtime the Bammers were warming up their vocal cords for yet another rousing rendition of the cheer noted in the post below. Fortunately my ears didn’t have to see it because we were “one and done”.

Bama comes to Athens this fall and we actually play them on my 35th birthday, September 27th 2008. I will be accepting gifts, salutations, and bourbon drinks from any and all attendees.

This blogger is headed to Driggs Idaho tomorrow for five days of fishing, skiing, and general mischief. Food, drink, and fishing reports upon my return. In the meanwhile I’ll try and avoid this hot chick who was recently arrested in Driggs. For a town of 1300 sounds like they’ve got it going on.


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