It's the apocaplypse…NOW! And there's nothing you can do it about it….you might as well drink up!

God and Mother Nature must see more in this Dennis Felton than any of the rest of us. I don’t know how else to put this other than to say that as the Dawgs were about to be kicked out of the tournament on Friday night by the Blue Thieves (otherwise known as the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team), Felton was packing his bags for what was sure to be his last game as a Bulldog.

Then-nature struck, and Cinderella was magically fitted with glass slippers.

ATLANTA (AP) – A possible tornado ripped through on Friday night, smashing skyscraper windows, sucking furniture and luggage out of hotel rooms, crumbling part of an apartment building and rattling the rafters of two major sports arenas filled with basketball fans. At least 13 people were hurt.
So, the game’s cancelled. OK, so play it on Saturday, right?

So because they were unable to use Phillips arena as there was a Christian rock concert (Winterjam), they’re moving the SEC tournament to a zit in the armpit of hell: Alexander Coliseum, otherwise known as “The Big Tit,” Georgia Tech’s home basketball court. OMG.
Felton’s Dawgs have played there twice, lost ’em both. Due to scheduling, UGA got to play two games there in one day, unprecedented for the SEC tournament. And…
THEY WON BOTH GAMES! Beat UK in overtime, and then beat the Bizarro Bulldogs (Mississippi State) by 4. They’re now in the SEC finals with a possible chance to make it to the tournament, having to play Arkansas tomorrow. Hope they get some rest, and leave the one chick that goes to Tech the hell alone.
The question for Dawg fans: does one day change 4 years of mediocrity? NO. But it’s an interesting story.

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