Summer Menu

One of my favorite cook-out menus is from July 2004 Bon Appetit. All recipes can be found at Epicurious. I made this for some of Jen’s friends last weekend. Still a hit.

1) Clams with jalapeno, lemon, and basil (I usually don’t buy clams, so I made a compound butter with jalapeno, lime, and cilantro and used as a dipping sauce for snow-crab legs.
2) Black bean, jicama, and grilled corn salad
3) Barbecued tri-tip with caramelized red onions topped with a red wine BBQ sauce (I use flat-iron steak if tri-tip looks crappy)
4) Skillet corn bread with roasted poblano & oregano
5) Roasted red pepper salad with bacon dressing and pine nuts
6) For desert, Ghirardelli double chocolate brownies (use the mix, it’s awesome) served hot with some B & J’s vanilla ice cream

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