I finally did it, the wait is over!

Well, after a long and drawn out saga, I finally have my ceramic cooker. I decided on a Grilldome XXT stainless. I was impressed with the response that I got from TK who runs the company when I asked him a few questions, and I liked the fact that I could them in red or black. Also, for me living westnorthinstl, the eggs were overpriced by 15-20%, and they wouldn’t negotiate with me. Add a dash of Void warranty with shipped BGE, and voila, Grilldome.

So, what had happened was….

I ordered a red one, which was the last red one they were going to have for a couple of months. It was delivered and they DROPPED it and broke it. The following week, I got a shiny black one, and it’s great!

First thing, cooked slow and low pork shoulder using the MCGDawg method with vinegar and drip pan. I was using WGC warrior blend, which is a little bit of a pain to light, but that’s probably my inexperience more than anything. I woke up once with the baby and checked it out, noticing the temp had gone down to around 180-190, so I fiddled with it and got it back up. The next morning after 9 hours, it was at internal temperature of 200, so I took it off. I think it probably should have cooked slower, but it was still great. The next adventure: ribs, and these turned out even better. I didn’t use wood chips or anything, just the flavor of the charcoal which is so different from gas (which has no real taste other than cooked meat) that I didn’t notice that they weren’t “smoked. The next day, tried some spatchcocked chicken, which I think I undercooked just a hair, but they were great, too.

For the last few days, I decided to build a table to Naked Whiz’s specs, and I’m almost finished with it. I can tell you that it won’t be completely out of red oak like his, but in retrospect, I probably should have used that as well as rented out or borrowed a mitre saw to make the cuts more precise. He does come clean about the way that he made his: it really doesn’t work unless you have ultraprecise measurements, and even then, it’s a struggle to make two identical boxes. It’s almost done, but the cooker is on the table, and it’s functional, ready to go!

So MCGD and JW, what’s on the menu for the 4th?

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