Every year around this time…

Sorry, I had to include this posting from Blogging Pantsless. It makes more and better fun of Phil Fulmer than I ever could. This is a real trap game for us just like it always seems to be. Rest assured, UT will come ready to play, and we’d better be prepared, particularly on defense.
Do any of you have any idea who’s going to be playing for us (besides Stafford and Southerland)?
Me neither. Please, God, please, beat the Vols!
Oh, and just in case you don’t visit this website with any kind of regularity, I highly recommend Doug Gillett’s Hey Jenny Slater, especially the insanity that’s on there this week, such as the Chik-Fil-A Dramatic Theater Scenes from a Marriage. Wow.
Hey Tennessee, be ready, as I and my three favorite UGA fans move back down that way in a few months! Second to Tech, for me it’s the UT game. Don’t ask me why.


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