Best cooking show I've seen in a while

I was trolling through the cable guy trying to findI was scrolling through the cable guide trying to find something new to watch. I stumble across Jacques Pepin Fast Food My Way on one of the PBS channels. I don’t know how they were able to squeeze anything in but the continual Obama lovefest on TV, but here it was, a new show. If you’ve never seen or heard of him, he’s pretty low key. He had a show with Julia Childs, was the personal chef of Charles DeGaulle (French Prime Minister), and his most famous book is La Technique. What I love about the show is that it stresses crisp fundamentals, and showcases his incredible skill. I’ve never seen anyone faster with a knife than this guy. Think Mario Batali if he weren’t an annoying New York showoff. I have no doubt that he would kill any of the clowns on Top Chef at every challenge.
The best news is that you can watch all the episodes online on YouTube if you click on the above link. Just watch it, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful simplicity!


One thought on “Best cooking show I've seen in a while

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