Heirloom tomato caprese salad

Tomatoes are just coming in, and so there are going to be a bunch of posts extolling their virtues. I’ve got some Cherokee purple, Brandywine, rainbow, and Romas growing in a couple of 4×8 foot plots. When they’re that ripe, the simpler the better.

From Big 'Dawg Eats

If you need a recipe, there are several to be found. It basically consists of mozzarella, basil, tomato dressed with balsamic vinegar, good olive oil and salt. I chose purple basil for this one, and it’s a smaller leaf, a little saltier than regular “sweet basil.” The purple basil isn’t always purple: some of the leaves are green, some are purple, and some are speckled.

From Big 'Dawg Eats

The first one is sliced evenly into rounds and is a more classic presentation.

From Big 'Dawg Eats

The second one is little more deconstructed into sticks. The ratios are the same, but it’s a good trick to use for the tops of these tomatoes which aren’t worth wasting as the stem sits way down in them.

Considering these things go for around 5 bucks a pound, it may just be more cost effective to grow them yourself, and that way you don’t have to worry if the market has any good ones.

From Big 'Dawg Eats

My first Brandywine is tipping the scales at a pound and a quarter. I picked it just a bit green as some critter took a couple of healthy bites out of it’s twin and I had to throw it out.


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