Homemade pasta: 3 yards and a cloud of dust

As we’re watching a rerun of No Reservations, DOG got excited watching these Japanese dudes make soba noodles. What better lead in to making our own spaghetti? It was 8am.
“Daddy, we’re making noodles. But we don’t have hats like those guys.” Not for long.

From Drop Box

Ruhlman’s ratio: 1 egg for every 3 oz of flour. We used 00 from King Arthur, 9 oz flour to 3 large pasture-raised eggs. The result a little wet, had to add A BUNCH of extra flour so the disks would make it through the stand mixer/pasta roller. We finally had it right, rolled them out to 5 on the thickness meter, and had flour EVERYWHERE.

From Drop Box

Cut them down to spaghetti, and of course that’s what we were going to have to eat for breakfast. To make it more interesting, we made a little cacio e pepe.

From Drop Box

Cacio e pepe
However much spaghetti or linguini you want. Obviously homemade is preferable
Either olive oil or butter, whichever you prefer
Freshly grated pecorino romano cheese
Freshly ground black pepper
That’s it! You won’t believe it if you’ve never had it, it’s amazing and crazy simple.

From Drop Box

Now for the clean-up. Wish me luck.


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