Low Fat Diet?!? Have I lost my mind?

Posting on this end has been miserable for multiple reasons. No, I haven’t stopped cooking, but I’ve been extremely busy with work, home, kids, etc. Probably the biggest reason for the lapse is…

Yep, as usual, I am a sucker for the infomercial and like to order things late at night after a bender… After 2 1/2 + years away from the gym and “boxing” I was feeling pretty out of shape, jeans getting tight, sweating on relatively cool days, you get the picture. I wanted a kick start. What I really need is a personal trainer and I found one in that freak, Tony Horton. p90X promises to get you in the best shape of your life in 90 days (13 weeks). If you follow the program to a T, there is no doubt this would happen. Basically, this program is based on the concept of muscle confusion and consists of intese exercise 6 days per week. Overall, one could expect to work hard for about 1 1/2 hours! Some nuts even do doubles! I don’t know who has this kind of time, but I’ve adjusted my schedule so that I get up at 5AM and do these workouts before work. I am currently finishing week 9. I can definately see differences, but I don’t expect to look like the dudes in the videos as I am genetically predisposed to have a pot-belly and bird legs. With that said, there is also a diet plan that I have followed loosely which has the common thread of being low-fat.

Low-fat diets aren’t the best meals for food blogs. I eat lots of stuff like the Nicoise salad pictured below, but as the weather cools, I will most certainly be cooking some good eats on the weekends.

BTW: still making pizzas every week or 2. Some combos to try
1. Pancetta and parsnip (slice parsnips thin and fry until crispy in pork-fat)
2. Red onion and pistacio with a white base
3. Goat cheese with spicy pine nut/currant relish (relish recipe can be found in Luques); basically a spin on her tart
4. Proscuitto, fig, gorgonzola



One thought on “Low Fat Diet?!? Have I lost my mind?

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