Dinner party with the Newmans

Danny and Meredith dropped in last Saturday for a dinner party/wine tasting at our house. I made 4 simple dishes, all of which were quite good. The 3 appetizer types will definitely be featured time and again at future JW-led events.

1. Salmon cornets ala the French Laundry, super easy, damn good. Cheated on the cornets and bought these crunchy little pastry cups from the Fresh Market. I actually preferred these to the overly buttery cornets that Keller makes.
2. Ceci bruschetta, the amuse buche that Batali serves at Babbo… Since there was only 4 people, I actually used the $250 basalmic Jennifer bought me for Christmas last year…decadent.
3. Zucchini crudo salad…details on Ruhlman’s blog. This is wonderful, please try it!
The main dish was a pan-seared grass fed petit filet topped with a bacon/mushroom/red wine demi with pan-roasted white asparagus.
Had a bit much to drink, so the main dish could have probably been prepared better. I made ala minute after course 3 and after 6 glasses of the vino.

One thought on “Dinner party with the Newmans

  1. I had those cornets on my mind for this Saturday, and I still may try them. Good tip on the shortcut. I'm eternally jealous that the Brown's were stuck at the farkle family mountain reunion while ya'll were sippin' vino.

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