30-24, the Governor's Cup returns to it's rightful home.

You only need to look at the tape under Washaun’s eyes to know that the guys in red and black came ready to play.  Quite simply, they


Yes, you did.  To the tune of 339 yards.  Maybe that could be the new area code for Tech’s campus.
The good news for Tech is that their pants were the same color before and after they pissed themselves in classic Reggie Ball fashion.  How sweet the taste of Tech’s tears- I could live off the stuff if you could bottle it!
Go DAWGS, thanks for an interesting year that resulted in the bottom of too many bottles.
Go to HELL Jackets, see ya next year in Athens!!
Football expectations and predictions.
  • Coach Martinez will not be fired.  He might resign, but he won’t be fired.
  • Coach Garner will leave.  Interestingly, he has not signed a contract, and all things point to his having a bad relationship with Damon Evans.  This might hurt the team because of his recruiting and nurturing of several players, but is there already a rift between him and other coaches, players, and/or the administration?  Maybe in the big picture, it will help, but he’s going to be hard to replace.
  • Coach Fabris will not leave, but Richt will step up and visibly ramp up the special teams coverage.
  • We’re going to struggle to fill the DC spot if it comes vacant.
  • Aaron Murray is going to be the starter next year.
  • Bobo and Searles are quite secure.
  • Bryan Evans is going to get a raise.

BTW-check out the link to these game pictures by a fellow named Josh Weiss.
Anyone else with any thoughts about it?


2 thoughts on “30-24, the Governor's Cup returns to it's rightful home.

  1. I have one comment. Wonder if George Haffner is still living and if so, would he be available to replace Coach Bobo? For those of you who may not remember, Coach Haffner was the OC "back in the day". Looked like he was calling the game…why the HELL didn't we do this before now? Wasn't the run defense supposedly Tech's strength? Line it up, punch them in the mouth, let Buck, er Joe throw it around 7 to 10 times per game…Oh yeah, one more thing…NERRRRRRDDDDDSSSSSSSS!

  2. …and of course, Martinez, Fabris, and Jancek were let go. No more complaining. Let's just fill those spots with the best possible personnel, regardless the cost. I tired of my yearly contributions being hoarded so that we can be one of the top 5 most profitable athletic departments in the country! I wanna beat Florida like we used to do.

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