From the Munson Archives, circa 2006

“We are on the 4 1/2 yard line, third-down. You win or you lose here. 12 to 7, Georgia Tech. Mikey Henderson has come in, which means…if we can get the ball to him…speed…. Tech at the moment in a four-man line. we got four receivers out wide, Stafford retreats, looks, pumps, throw… TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN!! MY GOD A TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN!! TOUCHDOWN!!
(crowd roars and barks) MASSAQUOI!!!!”

“Dan, did you see this? He did this, he didn’t throw, and he just stood there.”

“Stafford is in a shotgun, we want a two-point play. Massaquoi goes in motion. And Stafford now running to the right,” (Bobo from the booth next door “There it is!!!”) “…fires… and its COMPLETE!!! We caught it 1 yard in, Massaquoi! Now you’ve got 105 seconds to hang on, don’t celebrate now, for God sakes! 15-12, we lead. 15-12, we gotta hang on, 105 seconds, and were too TIRED to hang on!”

Fortunately, we hung on.  I frequently find myself thinking about how many seconds are left in the game, even in the first quarter.  God, I miss Munson.


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