On-grill pizza assembly and just for JW, SQUID PIZZA!

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the weather has gotten warmer.  It’s grilling time, and of course that also means grilled pizza!  I’ve generally had some trouble getting wet pizzas off my peel, so I’ve been brainstorming the problem.  There are a few things you can do:  decrease the liquid in the tomato sauce by straining, emulsify the tomato sauce with olive oil, minimize the amount of ingredients on the pizza, etc.  When you’re making them in your oven, that’s pretty much what you’ve got.  But, if you’re making them on the grill, you have an alternative.  If you’ll remember from posts last year, in the kamado style cookers, the optimal setup is a raised stone off the main deck to equalize the temperatures above and below.  I also demonstrated the concept of finishing the pizzas in the broiler just before serving.  I also wanted to share a different technique of grilling the pizzas that I’ve been using this spring that works pretty  well.  The concept is simple:  assemble your pizza after you put the dough on the stone.  You can do this in the grill, but probably not in the oven or in a brick oven.

From 2010-01-22 – 2010-04-11 april 11, 2010

Take advantage of what you’ve got! This lets you really stretch your dough out super thin without having to worry about getting it off your peel. You can see I’ve got my sauce, cheese, toppings, and a couple of different of premade sautees that we made into pizza. I shape the dough on the counter top, snatch the dough up with the metal peel, and stick it directly on the grill/stone. From there assembly takes seconds, and the pizza is done in minutes. If you’re doing pizzas on the kamado-style cooker, try it out.

Squid pizza
1/2 pound of squid tubes and tentacles
1/2 orange pepper diced
1/2 cup diced onion
2 cloves minced garlic
mixed herbs: mint, thyme, parsley
crushed dry red pepper
salt, pepper to taste
olive oil
lemon juice

Sautee the veggies on medium heat until soft. Add the squid (cut small) and crank the heat up to max. Make sure to get as much moisture out of the squid as possible before you sautee. Add the lemon juice when your heat is ripping hot (about 1/3 cup) and reduce until sauce is thickened. You want the squid to just be opaque.

Throw the dough on, top with pizza sauce, and add the squid sautee. NO CHEESE, in the Italian tradition of not mixing seafood with cheese. Frankly, it’s your pizza, do what you want, the point is that if the seafood is good quality, you want to do as little to it as possible, and you don’t want to mask the flavor.

From 2010-01-22 – 2010-04-11 april 11, 2010

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