tony bourdain and more “no reservations”

I had kind of given up on this show for a while, as I felt like they were running a little thin on material and we were just watching him be self-indulgent traveling to places on someone else’s dime getting drunker and more arrogant with every passing episode.  Of course that’s part of the charm of the show, but I get it already.

Then, he aired a show called “Techniques.”  Truly, one of the best individual cooking shows I’ve seen in ages.  This episode didn’t really stray from the standard meme of “I’m better than you, and you know it.”  While he did that, though, he and his guest stars demonstrated:

  1. Proper knife usage
  2. How to cook beef bourginone
  3. How to properly cook a steak
  4. How to roast a chicken
  5. How to cook an omelette
  6. How to make a perfect hamburger
  7. How to cook lobster
  8. How to properly cook pasta with sauce

The guest stars?

  • Scott Conant (Scarpetta NYC) cooking pasta
  • Dave Pasternak (Batali’s restaurant, Esca in NYC) cooking lobster
  • Thomas Keller (French Laundry, Ad Hoc, Per Se) roasting chicken
  • Carlos Llaguno (Les Halles NYC) cooking steak
  • And none other than Jacques Pepin manning the omelette station

Most of the cable companies now have travel channel on demand.  If you can find this, check it out.


One thought on “tony bourdain and more “no reservations”

  1. OG,
    Can’t figure out how to post since moving to WordPress. Thought everyone would be interested in this link
    Achatz is opening a new restaurant in Chicago and is selling tickets instead of making reservations! This is genius. He admits that at Alinea he has 4 full-time employees who do nothing but answer the phone and say, “Sorry, we’re full”. I imagine you could really cut costs with this type of thinking and hopefully pass these on the the customer. I always enjoy hearing about folks who are ahead of the curve, it’s the curmudgin who resists change/improvement.

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