Hoisin barbecue sauce glazed salmon, spicy curried Bahn Pho rice noodles

The wife picked up some salmon yesterday and challenged me to come up with something.  One of the things that I missed about St. Louis and our neighborhood was the accessibility of several Vietnamese noodle joints within walking distance (at least 3 of them).  One place in particular allowed you to choose your noodle, the sauce, and the protein.  They also gave you an option of putting this on a pizza which is probably one reason I’m into the odd pizza toppings.  After a trip to the Asian market this winter, I bought up a bunch of noodles including Bahn Pho (like a rice flour version of fetuccine), Ramen (without the flavor packets), and rice vermicelli.

For the fish, CLG made a sauce that was based on hoisin.  It’s got some plumb and honey flavors, and can be a little strong.  Adding fish sauce, lime juice, sriracha, salt, and sesame oil, it came together in a consistency of barbecue sauce.  Don’t ask for a recipe, I couldn’t tell you.  Just get your stuff out and experiment, look for balance of salt, sweet, acid, and spice.  I had two salmon fillets that I skinned and pan fried after seasoning with salt and coriander powder.

From 2010-05-08 – 2010-05-12

Once they were almost done, I put the sauce in the pan, and put the fish back in to simmer and coat the fish.  Total cooking time about 10 minutes.

From 2010-05-08 – 2010-05-12

I boiled the noodles while the fish were cooking, and just so you know, the rice noodles cook crazy fast and are starchy.  My initial prep was

  1. 1/2 onion finely diced
  2. 4 cloves of garlic
  3. 1 carrots julienned into matchsticks
  4. fresh mint from the garden
  5. chicken stock
  6. sriracha
  7. fish sauce (cheap <5 bucks and a great addition to Asian seafood dishes)
  8. ginger powder, was out of fresh ginger which would have made it better.
  9. curry powder.  For all you purists, this is what I had, I’m not all that great at Asian or Indian food, so I don’t make it myself.  Yet.
  10. 1/4 cup of milk
  11. 1/4 cup of chicken stock
  12. Two small dried chiles (Japones or de arbol)

Get your noodles al dente and wash off the starch to keep them from forming a noodle ball.  Sautee the onion and carrot, then add the garlic.

From 2010-05-08 – 2010-05-12

For the oil, I used canola mixed with toasted sesame oil.  If you had untoasted sesame oil, you could use that.  You have to be careful with the toasted sesame oil because it can really be overpowering.  At this point I added the chiles, sprinkled on some curry powder and ginger powder, and let it toast just a few seconds.  Then added the milk and chicken stock, splash of fish sauce, and a little hit of sriracha for color, letting it reduce to a thin sauce.

From 2010-05-08 – 2010-05-12

Toss the noodles in, adding the noodle’s cooking water (make sure you save some) if they look or feel a little dry, and sauce the noodles.  Garnish with mint, alternatively you could add some mint in the sautee just at the end.

From 2010-05-08 – 2010-05-12

Final notes

  1. This stuff is a lot of fun to cook, goes pretty quickly and is heavily ingredient dependent.  You could use whatever noodles you want, although a thicker sauce with a bunch of stuff in it takes to a broader noodle in my opinion.
  2. Mostly this is about putting together what you have, and there’s no real wrong way to do it.
  3. Time your fish cookery to come off last, you can always keep the noodles warm.
  4. Heat comes from the sriracha and the amount of dried chiles that you put in the reducing liquid.

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