More with egg roll wrappers

In the spirit of G’s summer vegetable post, thought I would give another example of quick and easy using the egg roll wrappers.

Caveat 1: I am only a fan of quick and easy when it makes sense and doesn’t compromise flavor…

Caveat 2: The figures are in reverse because I can’t get WordPress to cooperate with this iPad.


The finished product, Vegetable lasagna baked at 350 for 30 minutes finished with a drizzle of olive oil (digging on the Colavita fruttata lately).


Spread a small amount of tomato sauce in the bottom of your gratin dish. I used strained Pomi tomatoes, lightly salted and lightly reduced. Top with a layer of the wrappers cut into thirds, overlapping slightly. Top with 1/2 of your veggie medley, some more sauce, some mozzarella and some parmesan. Repeat. For the top use only sauce cheese and herbs of your choosing. Hint, Summer screams basil.


I sauteed some onion, yellow squash, Japanese eggplant, red bell pepper and garlic in olive oil, because that’s what I had.

All in all, pretty good for 15 minutes of work…


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