New link added

Everyone can benefit from this new link. I found a wine blog, winner of a Saveur Blog Award this year that touts good wine for under $20! The good news is that I have found many of these in our local K- Roger! I hate to admit it, but I buy most of our wine there as they buy a lot of decent wine in bulk an will knock off 5 to 10 bucks a bottle at times. Last weekend they had over purchased a Argentine Cab that normally runs $12 to $15 bucks (not an Earth shattering wine, but perfectly fine for a week night) for $2.99.

Bottom line, I encourage you to check out the wine blog and to check out the Kroger wine selection near you!

Their latest post is a wine they claim pairs perfectly with the caprese…check it out G! I will search this out before the weekend is up.


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