Revisiting gazpacho

From 2010-07-10 – 2010-07-15

It’s July, and that means tomatoes!  If you don’t like vine ripe tomatoes, you’re really missing out.

At it’s core, it’s ripe tomatoes, salt and olive oil.  Everything else that you add is garnish, color, or layers of flavor profile.  And the veggies are added raw, because traditionally, nothing is cooked in this chilled soup.

Garnishes or other veggies to add:


peppers:  jalapeno, yellow bell, green bell, red bell

onion:  yellow, white, or red

herbs such as cilantro, basil, or parsley

acid:  lemon juice, wine vinegar

optional:  thickening agents (bread), flavor enhancers (Worcestershire sauce, garlic, etc.), and whatever else you want. It’s your soup.

  1. Drain liquid out of your tomatoes by halving them on the equator, give them a hard squeeze and get rid of the seeds.  You can save this to make salad dressing or to add to soups if you wish, just realize that the seeds may be a little bitter.
  2. If it’s still too thin, strain.  The other option is to add bread, either as crumbs or croutons that get blended into the soup.
  3. Blender on LOW.  Tomato has a nasty habit of foaming if you blend them on high.  I have a Vita-Mix blender which I highly recommend, and run it on the lowest possible setting.
  4. Ideally serve with grilled or toasted bread.
  5. Wine pairing.  Hmm.  This is more difficult than you’d think.  Forget about tannic reds or herby/acidy whites.  Try chilled sherry, Rose’, Prosecco or Champagne, or possibly a Gruner Veltliner which has little hints of raw radish heat.
  6. As with most things in the summer, chilled items are cool and soothing.  Especially in Augusta, GA.

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