iron chef competition

A light side of my job is working with students. As a recent tradition, they’ve split their entire school into 4 colleges, Harry Potter style, and have a college cup competition every fall. One of the competitions to determine the winner of the college cup is an iron chef competition, as I think I’ve mentioned before. Last year’s ingredient was ginger.
Menu: ginger and carrot soup, ginger and cabbage slaw, hoisin/ginger barbecue glazed spare ribs, and ginger-infused creme brulee. Some good, some not so good but you get the point.
Fast forward to this year. I unfortunately was out of town but helped put the menu together. And as difficult as I thought last year’s ingredient was, it was nothing compared to this one.

Ramen. Yep, ramen noodles.

What 3-5 course meal could you come up with for ramen?

Here’s what we did.

Poached shrimp spring roll with sesame oil sauteed ramen and Vietnamese dipping sauce
Beef pho
Fried ramen tostadas topped with avocado and lump crab meat
Ramen rice pudding.

The only other thought I had was to try and make gnocchi balls out of overcooked ramen, sautee them and top either with brown butter/bacon/sage or bacon-infused Mornay sauce.

What would you make?


3 thoughts on “iron chef competition

  1. Dude, it’s Iron Chef. You are contractually obligated to grind some up with some heavy cream, eggs, and sugar to make ice cream.



    “What’s that OG is doing down there?”

    “It appears he’s grinding up the noodles, adding the beef flavor packet to some heavy cream, and will likely use this as a basis for an ice cream or sorbet”

    “ahhhhhhhhh, very nice”.

  2. Or you could do the Bobby Flay treatment and dredge it in egg whites, coat it blue corn meal, and fry it. Put a little chipotle sauce on over it in a thin drizzle and voila . . Iron Chef food.

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