Smoked Buffalo Wings

Just in time for the Super Bowl, the quintessential football treat, the “Buffalo Wing”. Practically every “man” loves a wing…and what’s not to love. An excuse to eat an abundance of fried chicken skin coated with a spicy, bowel irritating, butter sauce. Yumm! Being a bit of a gourmet, I am often disappointed with the typical bar wing. Oftentimes, they’re not crispy, or they are cooked absolutely to death and the wee bit of chicken remaining is rendered nothing sort of a chicken jerky. I know there is a better way to do these at home creating a specialty rig (Alton Brown) or stanking up the whole damn house by frying. I knew the answer may lie outdoors with the greatest outdoor cooking creation of all-time, the Big Green Egg.

Process was simple. Bought 5 lbs of fresh wings and separated the first 2 joints, saving the 3rd for stock. Made a simple rub (~6T brown sugar, ~2T salt, ~1T chili powder, and a palm-full of coriander, oregano, cumin, cinnamon, and whatever else looked good) and tossed the wings to coat. Meanwhile, I soaked a Dixie cup full of hickory chips in water and prepared the BGE for smoking. After an hour, I lit the egg and set up for indirect cooking with the place setter. When the egg stabilized at 250 degrees F, I added the wings and smoked for 3 hours, turning every hour.

I tasted a wing, and it was delicious, however the skin was a bit rubbery, so I knew there was a little work left to do. I decided on the broiler for a few minutes per side just before serving.

For the Falcons blow out, I served some plain, some with traditional Buffalo sauce (1 part butter, 1 part hot sauce) & one part with my favorite homemade wing sauce (a blend of Sriacha, honey, molasses, and mustard). Broil about 5 inches from the element until the skin starts to sizzle, then turn and do the same to the other side. Toss with the sauce just before serving and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Smoked Buffalo Wings

  1. I love to smoke wings on the egg. I’ve come up with a little twist where I put a small cast iron pot on the egg as well. I put a couple of sticks of butter, some cider vinegar, some Allegro liquid seasoning, red pepper flakes, and tabasco sauce in it. Gently stir till the butter melts and then every 20 minutes as the wings smoke I dip them in the sauce. Last 20 minutes on the egg I put a small amount of my dry rub that I use on all my pork products on them as well. Pretty good flavor profile and something a bit different.

    I’ve also read where folks will mix corn meal with their dry rub and put on the wings and they’ll crisp up like they were fried when slow smoked. I’ve not tried it but know several eggers that swear by it.

  2. These were awesome…I may try the cornmeal, though the broiled ones were sufficiently crispy. You could also throw them on the gas grill over high heat for a few seconds as well, but the broiler is too easy and allows you to make well ahead of time, warming just before serving.

    What is Allegro seasoning?

  3. Allegro is a premade marinade. Think Dales with much less salt and much more herbs. I use it only in this recipe, hamburger patties at times, and in VERY small amounts on venison. In fact have a 2 tbsp in a vaccum bag with a whole backstrap getting ready for the egg tomorrow night.

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