southern food part 1

If you haven’t been watching Top Chef Allstars, you missed a doozy this past week. All these hot chef types got critically bogged down making Southern food. Two of the guys who mostly do Asian completely imploded. Completely unrelated is the following laugher posted in the online version of the Nashville Scene, it’s a can’t miss.

Hosted of course by Paula Deen. Y’all, I just don’t know y’all.


One thought on “southern food part 1

  1. What a blight on the South (Paula Dean)! She reminds me of the Cajuns that are making fun of Bobby Boucher (sp?) in the Waterboy. Derheruuuh!

    Last week while in NOLA, I ate at 2 of John Besh’s restaurants. The Indian fella and the Venezuelan fella I was with were very impress when he was the guest on Top Chef this week! August and Luke are phenomenal by the way. More on that later.


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