fresh, crispy bird

Getting that roasted chicken just right is a great challenge for the home cook, and the circumstances seem to always change. There are a couple of tricks you can use to get good chicken cracklins.

From 2011-02-06 – 2011-02-16 february

1. After you’ve brined your bird, let it sit in open air in the refrigerator. This dehydrates the skin.
2. Make a subcutaneous pocket and stuff it with butter. You basically fry the skin on the bird.
3. Coat it well with olive oil. I use this if I don’t brine and I just make a mixture of herbs and oil, coating the bird.
4. Cook on higher temperature. Chances are you’ve turned out more pale birds than crispy brown ones. 400-450 as long as the bird is under 4 pounds.
5. Use the broiler just before service.

From 2011-02-06 – 2011-02-16 february

Any other tips?


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