duck cookery, duck fat, fat heads

Duck fat. Exquisite. They don’t sell it my local grocery store, so I have a couple of choices. FEDEX it from a gourmet food shop like d’Artagnan (and if you’ve never heard of this place, <a href="here“>check it out ), or make it myself.

Most grocery stores (at least around here) sell frozen ducks. “But duck is so fatty!” Use the “weakness” to your advantage. I mean, it’s a cold weather bird and it needs a fair amount of subcutaneous fat to tolerate the icy weather you have to wade in to hunt them.

An introduction to cooking ducks goes something like this:

Break the ducks down into breasts, leg quarters, carcass, and trim as much fat/skin away as you can or feel like you need to. The breasts you pan roast (1 meal), the leg quarters you confit (poach and store in it’s own fat, clearly another post), the carcass you use to make stock, and the skin is used to render the fat. Slow, low heat for as long as it takes to get melt all of the fat out. Remove the skin parts, strain, and refrigerate or keep at room temperature (colder=longer storage).

From Drop Box

For those that think you can’t eat duck, because of the fat content, consider this:

Fat doesn’t make you fat, excess caloric intake does. It does happen that fat has a greater caloric density by weight than carbs or protein, so you have to use it in moderation. We do a lot more to ourselves with high glycemic index carbohyrdate consumption (of which alcohol is an example) than we typically do with fat. Check out Ruhlman’s rant on the subject.


2 thoughts on “duck cookery, duck fat, fat heads

  1. If you were really good you’d organize a “foraging trip” sometime in Dec/Jan and we’d head on over to the Mississippi Flyway and get some “groceries” the old fashioned way.

    Have gun, waders, Federal Duck stamp, will travel.

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