One thought on “A Case for Modernist Cuisine, follow-up to OG Stock Post

  1. I saw it, having read Ruhlman’s blog and linking from there. They take a few steps that I don’t take with my slow-cooked stocks. I don’t typically blanch my stock parts, although if you’re not going to be able to skim, you may need to. I also don’t usually sautee my aromatics, and just toss them in the liquid for the last hour. I am a believer in Ruhlman’s rules of stocks and timings:

    Veggie: 1 hour
    Chicken: 4 hours
    Beef: 12 hours

    These are the times it takes to extract the maximum from the products you’re using. Which is why I don’t understand why anyone would simmer a soup for more than 12 hours, especially if they’re not starting with raw bones? Besides, it’s better when it cools and reheats, anyway.

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