Not a misprint. Tofu tacos. One of the many things we’ve tried to do with tofu during the vegetarian season is use it as a taco filler. There are many kinds of tofu available that vary according to flavor additives and firmness. Silken tofu has the consistency of custard and goes great in soups and broths.
The picture below shows a silken tofu in a dashi broth (phenomenal flavor, separate post) that I had at a sushi joint on the west coast during an omakase experiment (yes, another post).
Firm tofu is more of a soft sponge consistency, and behaves in a similar fashion. Very little native flavor, it takes on the flavors of everything liquid you combine it with, so it does well with a marinade. It also takes well to grilling to get extra flavor into it, as do vegetables. Tofu does carry a lot of water, so it’s a little tricky to fry it, although not impossible.
In this case, I grilled some peppers (you know the stoplight package with red, yellow, and green?) as well as onions and marinated tofu. The tortillas were finished on the grill to give them some good char,

From Barb visit March 2011

and the green sauce is an emulsification of avocado, cilantro, and green pepper.

From BDE exports

It’s definitely different from pork, chicken, steak, etc.; but I thought it was good and quite filling.

From BDE exports

If you eat a lot of Asian food, most places will offer tofu instead of meat in noodle stir fries, and it’s actually great. As long as there are soybeans, we’ll have tofu, so don’t be afraid of it!


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