the underground scene 2: leeks vinaigrette

From 2011-03-24 – 2011-04-04 march 2011

Hats to JW for sending me the inspiration for this one as it is adapted from BLT by Laurent Tourondel. It’s exactly the same concept as the beets with the sherry vinaigrette in this case and blue cheese instead of goat cheese. The only difference here is to cold shock the leeks after big pot boiling. You have to be careful with this technique because you don’t want them to sit in the ice too long, or they’ll get soggy. They’ll come a little chilled with great flavors.

If you’ve never tried leeks, this is a great way to do it. But there are plenty of ways to cook leeks:

  • Combined with potato in vegetable or chicken stock, finished with cream and blended
  • Use in stock or soup as a replacement for celery and onion
  • Take baby leeks (you may have to grow your own) and parboil, coat with oil and either grill or sautee

One note on preparation:  while you can use the green tops in stock, make sure that the green part is clean.  The tenderest part of the plant is the white part which is kept underground by building up dirt around the plant.  You can use the entire white part (like we did), split the leek into quarters and then thinly slice (good technique for stock), or thinly slice to either boil and grill and/or sautee.



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