To follow up on OG’s Pinot post, I wanted to pass along an excellent article i read in The Paper (aka WSJ) a few days ago regarding wine. There are apparently a few online ways to get excellent wines at a ridiculous discount due to the current (maybe not for long) excess of mid-to-top wines in the market (most 30 to 70 percent off). Wine Woot is probably one you have discovered, but another is Wines Til Sold Out ( I’m a HUGE fan of Pinot Noir, especially before the movie Sideways came out and they weren’t so expensive.  Back then, Rodney Strong put out one of the best Russion River Pinots for less than 20 bucks. 

WTSO has a 2008 Cloudline Cellars, Oregon Pinot from the Williamette Valley for 40% off today ($14). I’m a fan of the Russian River Valley Pinots myself, but at 14 bucks I might try it.

From Big ‘Dawg Eats

I’ve had a number of Reislings from Oregon, which the cooler daytime temperatures tend to produce in spades. And the last time i was in Oregon, I got 8 different pronunciations of Willamette, with the most popular being WOHL-MET-AH.

Go Meat! And Pinot!

One thought on “Sideways

  1. have briefly thought of the ebook or a hard copy if we ever get tired of doing this so that we can have our favorite posts, recipes, etc.

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