stuffed poblano peppers

Here’s one we recently did that was nice and filling.  The techniques are all really simple, it just requires a few steps to put it together.

Take two poblano peppers and blacken them on the grill.

From 2011-04-09 – 2011-04-13

I put them back in the bag they came in from the grocery store to allow them to steam and release the skin.

From 2011-04-09 – 2011-04-13

Peel the peppers,

From 2011-04-09 – 2011-04-13

core and seed them.

From 2011-04-09 – 2011-04-13

I stuffed them with saffron rice, a roasted green pepper sauce I made in the blender,

From 2011-04-09 – 2011-04-13

mozzarella cheese, cayenne pepper and paprika.

From 2011-04-09 – 2011-04-13

Wrapped with foil, I put them back on the grill to get the cheese good and gooey,

From 2011-04-09 – 2011-04-13

then browned the cheese a bit under the broiler. I had to use the skewers to keep them together.

(photos by DOG!)


One thought on “stuffed poblano peppers

  1. The photography by the DOG far outshines the recipe. Strong work DOG.

    That said, can’t wait to try the recipe as I love me some poblano. Going to plant some poblanos, jalopenos, and bell peppers this week. Hopefully the deer will leave them alone.

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