epic fail: grilled firm tofu

Unlike some blogs, we aren’t shy here at BDE about sharing failure. Because good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgment. Such was the case with my feeble attempt to grill firm tofu. Look, I tried, OK? Expanding on the tofu post, there is silken, soft, firm, and extra firm.
Only the extra firm will work for grilling as the pictures reveal.

From 2011-04-09 – 2011-04-13

Looking good so far. This was as good as it would get.

From 2011-04-09 – 2011-04-13

Oh well, live and learn!

One thought on “epic fail: grilled firm tofu

  1. I’m grilling a whole venison backstrap tonight. Bet it holds up JUST FINE on the grill. Damn soybeans on the grill. You deserve what you got.

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