Ambassadors of Southern Cuisine

Ambassadors of Southern Cuisine: Mike Brown and Jason White flanked by the Lee Bros.

Went to a demonstration Saturday at the Morris Museum here in Augusta that featured the Lee Brothers. For those not familiar, the Lee Brothers got their start in the food business as displaced Southerners who longed for the good food of the South. Their first business was a boiled peanut catalog, which now offers other tasty Southern morsels, and they are now well-established food writers who are featured in the NY Times and in Martha Stewart Living. On occasion they can be seen on the Cooking Channel and have recently filmed a pilot for the Food Network. Their first cookbook won a James Beard award and is a must have for those who are interested in translating Grannies recipes into your modern kitchen.

Regardless, Saturday I learned that pickled grapes are some good eats and the addition of chopped green olives to PC (pimento cheese) is an unexpected but welcome addition to a classic. As a group, the Newmans, Browns, and Whites will be testing several recipes from cookbook #2 and will report back after the beach.


4 thoughts on “Ambassadors of Southern Cuisine

  1. I listened to the interview on Amazon, and I don’t think we’re that far off of their philosophy which is local, unique, with attention paid to stuff like preservation/pickling and micro-regional differences. There’s a long discussion about their appreciation for mayhaws (of all things), that I don’t think grow anywhere but SW Georgia. Cool post.

  2. “I was born and raised . . . in Southwest Georgia. . . ” Kinchafoonee Cowboys.

    I’ll be buying that cookbook. Enjoyed them getting Bourdain trashed (not that that’s an accomplishment) on one of his early shows. All cuisine begins and ends with the boiled peanut. It’s the stuff in the middle that seems to get everyone all worked up.

  3. Last night I made pork chops with apple chutney accompanied by chorizo, poblano collards as described in the Lee Bros recent book and had some zucchini pickles expertly prepared by MAB. Good, fast weeknight meal.

  4. I’m just glad you didn’t leave those suckers in the not-so-icy bath downstairs. I think i forgot to tell ya’ll i brought them as a host gift. I’m a whore for peppercorns, so i think i quadrupled the reciped amount. Nuthin’ like quick sides to make dinner more enjoyable.

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