salmon with edamame and mint succotash

From 2011-04-25 – 2011-04-30 botanical gardens

Using the mint sauce from Easter and the recipe for succotash, you can really turn it up a notch. These are little things, but can be the difference between good dishes and great dishes. We had a huge slab of salmon from the club store (Sam’s I think), and some fresh garden herbs to finish it off.

Green bell, red bell
Medium onion small dice
+/- cherry tomatoes if you have them
mint or other herb emulsion (basil, thyme, cilantro, etc.)

Sautee the onions and peppers until soft on medium-ish heat. Add the corn and edamame. It shouldn’t really matter if the corn is fresh or canned, and the edamame (or peas, favas, limas, whatever) cook really quickly. Add the herb sauce to your liking.

The salmon was simply prepared by seasoning with salt and pepper, and sauteed in a little canola oil on medium heat until just cooked through. I cooked the skin side first and then flipped. If you look at the fish, you can see the “doneness” by watching the color change on the side of the fish. Lay down the succotash, place the fish on top, garnish with fresh herbs and finish with olive oil.

From 2011-04-25 – 2011-04-30 botanical gardens

For the herbs I used cilantro, parsley, and chervil from the garden.


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