From 2011-04-17 – 2011-04-24 up to easter

Even at Whole Foods, these suckers were a whopping $0.08 a piece. Seriously, that’s the best heat/cost ratio going. What I like about these peppers is that they’re pretty consistent in their heat because I don’t really buy them unless they’re orange which is their color at maturity. Jalapeno is very inconsistent because they’re picked at various stages of maturity. The more mature, the hotter. One of the reasons that chipotles (smoked red jalapeno) are pretty spicy. I know I’ve put a recipe on here before about habanero salsa, but I challenge anyone to tell me that this is not faster, cheaper, and tastier than going to the grocery store and picking through some pretty awful choices. Fortunately, it turns out that the heat tolerance in my house is about 1 seeded habanero/28 oz can of tomatoes/juice from 1 lime. The other is that if you can mince onion and finely chiffonade the pepper(s) then forget the big blender and you can use an immersion blender instead.

Quickest habanero salsa
1 habanero, seeded and sliced super thin
1 28 oz can of good quality whole tomatoes (in my case I use Cento Italian style at about 2.60 a can)
juice from 1 lime or about 3-4 good tbsp of lemon juice
salt to taste
1 handful of minced onion (1/3 to 1/2 cup, it’s been years since I measured it)

Put in the dish that you’ll be serving the salsa, and hit it withe immersion blender until the tomatoes are broken up. If it gets too watery, add olive or other oil to semi-emulsify. Add cilantro if you have it.

Cost is under 3 bucks especially without cilantro. You’re not going to beat that anywhere.

Any other thoughts on habanero usage? Other than carefully washing your hands after handling them?

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