What an amazing food city, if you’re trying to do the vegetarian thing, it’s a great place to find options because of the availability of fresh produce from surrounding areas.
Without any further fanfare, I’ll jump right into it.

From BDE exports

La Boulange on Market street. This was a French style streetside cafe that had wonderful mushroom soup and beet salad. Plus, hard to beat for people watching.

From BDE exports

The mushroom vendor in the Ferry Building. If you even think you like to eat, you have to get down to this place. It’s like a gourmet food mall with wine shops, restaurants, views of the bay, etc. Just this one place had more mushrooms than I’ve seen anywhere. Keep in mind that the majority are not cultured, they’re foraged, making them even more uncommon.

From BDE exports

Hog Island Oyster Company in the Ferry Building. I was good, and didn’t eat this most recent time, but I have before. Skip the cocktail sauce, they serve mignonette (shallots and vinegar) with their oysters and great beer and chowda.

From BDE exports

Leave it to the Southerner to track down Wexler’s in SF. A local Bay Area guy that’s really interested in southern cuisine, this was a braised Swiss chard and smoked ricotta sandwich with house-made BBQ potato chips.
IMG-20110317-00026.jpgNot pictured were the pimento cheese fritters that were great.
Last but not least was the omakase at Ryoko’s. IMG-20110318-00033.jpg The final course came as monkfish liver and silken tofu in dashi broth (you remember right? Kombu seaweed and bonito flakes?) IMG-20110318-00036.jpg


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