on the road with BDE: Indian Pass

From 2011-06-02 – 2011-06-13

Any recollection about our beach trip would be incomplete without telling you about the Indian Pass Raw Bar. Located in the middle of nowhere in Gulf County, FL, this place is known for oysters on the half shell and occasional live music. Seriously, this is the type of place that is self-serve on the beer. Just grab one from the cooler or pour your own pitcher. Try to keep up with how many you had, and tell them when you’re ready to pay. When’s the last time you went somewhere like that?
Menu Indian Pass
I don’t think you can read the menu that well, but you get raw oysters, steamed shrimp, and kids stuff. Oh, and that’s “Gator,” whom I would assume owns the place. At the very least, he acts as the patriarch of the establishment. Also notice that they sell Ed’s Red which is touted as an “oyster’s best friend.” The inventor of this sauce is known for winning an oyster eating contest by eating 27 DOZEN (324) oysters. And that’s all I have to say about that.
Here’s a cell phone pic, but it’s one of my favorites.


2 thoughts on “on the road with BDE: Indian Pass

  1. I’m afriad to go there . . . I might never leave. Damn that looks like my kind of joint. So how many did you eat?

    Used to be a place south of Charleston, John’s Island I believe, that was a cinderblock shed. Served two things, oysters and beer. Oysters were all steamed and were all you could eat. They’d put them on the table with a shovel as they took them off the fire just outside. Not sure if it’s still there. It was many, many years and beers ago.

  2. I only had a dozen raw, shucked. Yeah, this place has the pulse of Rhinehart’s on Washington Rd in the CSRA. Why is it always the oyster bars that are like that, attracting the college preps, med school nerds, and bikers alike?

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