Grilled, roasted chicken caprese

20110814-021054.jpgWhen you cook on the egg, one of the challenges is indirect heat. Deflecting the fires of he’ll isn’t easy. I was at a local eatery recently and I noticed that when they cooked their chicken in the brick oven that they completely cut it up and stuck it on the hot side in a preheated cast iron pan.

I used aluminum pie/casserole pans to get the same effect. The result was a combination of fried and roasted chicken. Definitely give it a try.

To complete the meal I had some burrata cheese which is a really creamy mozzarella. What better than caprese which is simply tomatoes, basil, and cheese. Throw the tomatoes on the grill and give them a good char, slice, salt, olive oil and some balsamic if you want. The only thing that could male this better is grilled bread!



3 thoughts on “Grilled, roasted chicken caprese

  1. What if you cooked/smoked/roasted first in the pan, then finished with direct heat, skin-side down to crisp the skin? I usually start skin-side down for about 5 minutes, then turn, moving off direct heat. It may work better the other way around. Next time I grill chicken, I will do 1/2 each way and see, that is unless someone beats me to it!

  2. Yeah some combination of the two works best I redid it last night. The issue is how much liquid comes out of the meat which can steam it.

  3. One thing that we’ve not touched on is the issue of smoke. I’ve experiemented with different types of wood chips and have decided that for the most part they’re useless. They typically require one to soak, then sprinkle over the coals. This produces robust smoke in a very short period of time, but also produces airborne ash and the smoke is short-lived. What works much better is tossing 1 or 2 wood chunks near the periphery of the fire. I’ve found a cleaner, less “sooty” smoke to my BBQs.

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