cedar papers

Saw these things recently at a local supermarket, and I really thought they looked interesting. (As luck would have it, the company is out of Bogart, GA.) They are basically a paper product that is impregnated with cedar aromatics, and you would treat them about like you might treat a cedar plank, by soaking in water. Of course, little cotton strings are included to tie them up in nice little bundles. We thought this would be a perfect thing to use on salmon. Wrapped with a few aromatic veggies and thrown on the grill (where else?).

From 2011-09-15

Just like putting a lid on a sautee’ pan, completely wrapping the fish is going to steam more than anything else. The problem I had is losing feedback about cooking time and when it was actually done which resulted in them being a little “over.”
Using the aluminum grill pan, I made a sauce for the fish as well which I enjoyed about as much (or more) than the actual fish.

From 2011-09-15

The bottom line for us was that the flavor was good, but it’s not a definite substitute for planks because you really can’t dry roast with them. I’ll definitely keep experimenting with the cedar papers because I think there’s a lot of possibility. Anyone else try them yet?


grill pan with tomatoes, couple of garlic cloves, carrot. I added salt, ginger powder, chili powder, cayenne, and pureed in the blender. Emulsified with olive oil, and balanced with red wine vinegar to make sure there’s a good hit of acid.

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