grilled cauliflower

I’m not a broccoli guy. How my kids enjoy it, steamed in the microwave with no seasoning, no butter or cheese, I have NO idea. And frankly, I consider cauliflower a dumber, genetic mutant of broccoli, hardly worthy of much but the compost bucket. And then I grilled it.

From 2011-09-15

Cut the cauliflower into slabs, toss with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper.
Cook on highest heat until it’s nice and browned. I suppose you could also do this over the stove top, you might want to pick a cast iron pan to really hit it hard with the heat.

From 2011-09-15

Take it off the grill, squeeze a little lemon juice and you’re done. The flavor of this was actually an amazing surprise. It didn’t taste like vegetable at all, in fact, it tasted like swordfish more than anything.
Anyone else have other potential applications?


3 thoughts on “grilled cauliflower

  1. I do this all the time. Like to cut thick slabs from the center, brown on one side then finish in the oven until tender. This is a terrific side and goes wonderfully with fish (interesting swordfish comment). Check out Ruhlmans post today, the presentation of a whole head is really cool. I will try this, but the smaller bits tend to caramelize into something similar to pan fried okra crumbs.

  2. surprsingly, you can make faux mashed potatoes by steaming cauliflower, then mashing as you would potatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and mix with a good dose of butter. If i remember correctly, milk isn’t necessary due to the lack of starch and the increased water in cauliflower. When my wife was trying vegetarian, it was pretty good. But, then again, it was while suffering through an all vegetarian menu, so i may have been desperate.

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