Cauliflower follow-up


The roasted cauliflower, vegetarian dinner.  Oven to 400 F.  Chop off base of cauliflower and lube well with EVOO.  Place on rimmed baking sheet for 45 mintues.  In the interim, clean and half a carton of cremini mushrooms and toss with a little more EVOO.  Peel, cube, and blanch (for about 10 minutes) some potato.  Prep some green beans.  After 45 minutes, add mushrooms with a bit of shallot (minced) to one side of pan.  Toss in a sprig of thyme.  Rub cauliflower with a glob of butter.  Salt and pepper lightly.  After 15 minutes more, again rub the cauliflower with a bit more butter.  Stir the mushrooms.  Add potato to the other side of the pan.  After 15 minutes more…glob on some more butter.  Stir mushrooms and potatoes.  Add green beans to another section of the pan.  Cook for 15 more minutes.  Season to taste and serve.  The cauliflower will be creamy and a bit nutty and surprisingly different cooked whole.  The total time here is about 1 hr 45 minutes with less than 10 minutes active time.  The combinations and possibilites are vast.  Enjoy.


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