soup weather

It’s here, and you’re starting to see more posts on it in case you didn’t notice. I’ve got an MCG tribute coming up***, based on a suggestion I heard from Haddock over the weekend. It was just too good to pass up! As of today, we’re two days into our first batch of gumbo this fall. I think we’ve covered that here, here, here, and here. Clearly we’re like minded.
Again drawing from the Serious Eats RSS Feed, is a discussion of 20 Fall Soup Recipes We Love. Enjoy, and feel free to add to the list in comments.

***And yes, the Good Goadamighty 15 bean soup was made, enjoyed and will be shared with you, hopefully later this week.

Other favorite examples:

Squash and fennel soup with spicy candied pumpkin seeds and fresh cream (which I can’t believe we’ve never posted on?)
Roasted red pepper with sumac and opal basil (h/t my Lucques cookbook)
the recently posted squash and garbanzo soup au pistou
Spanish-style red lentils with pimenton and sherry vinegar (one of my favorite combos)


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