slow and low, kamado gasket maintenance

For some reason it took me a while to get this photo uploaded. The beauty of the kamado is the ability to hold the temperature low for long periods of time. Contrast that with the summer season which is a lot more about high, hot, helluva lot. If you’ve had one of these grills long enough, you know that aside from split fireboxes/fire rings at some point you have to deal with the gaskets. I can’t really speak to which model is superior (BGE vs Grilldome vs other) because I only have experience with 2 of them, and very limited on the BGE. The Grilldome is supposed to have a precisely milled surface that allows for a tight seal, but I can tell you that it’s not perfect. And after I ran the temp up making pizzas some time ago, you can mess up the lid harness as well. What a pain that is to fix. I added generic felt gaskets two years ago, and they’ve steadily burned off over time. Considering the efficiency and ability to hold low heat is wholly reliant on the degree of airflow through the cooker, you clearly have to have a good seal. The Naked Whiz (as all-inclusive when it comes to everything BGE as you’ll find) has a pretty elaborate description of a composite material for gasket by guest author Frank from Houma.
I haven’t gotten that far yet. What I did in the meantime was use aluminum foil which actually worked pretty well. Not really a long-term solution though. Do anyone else have experience with this?


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