grilled cheeserie and a poll question

For some reason, the food truck revolution has hit our fair Music City. Not that I’m complaining in the least! One of the trucks is called the Grilled Cheeserie. If you haven’t experienced this yet, the deal is that you follow their twitter feed on your smart phone to know where they’re going to be. Show up, chow down, ’nuff said.
So the BDE question is whether we take grilled cheese sandwiches for granted? I’ve seen a handful of recipes out there, and sometimes folks get really into it, no doubt. So, what I want to know is:

How do you make grilled cheese sandwiches? Feel free to comment either in FB or through the site…
(and why are they grilled cheese, if we usually make them on a stove top?)

Bunny/Wonder bread, Kraft cheese singles
Whole grain bread, provolone
croissant, brie, dried cranberry
ciabatta, smoked gouda
grilled baguette, cheddar
Texas Toast, Easy Cheese
english muffins, mozzarella

(pictured above is whole grain bread, butter, cheddar and brie to mix it up)


2 thoughts on “grilled cheeserie and a poll question

  1. Funny you should bring this up. I just made lindley a grilled cheese for dinner. As a toddler she always loved Kraft American cheese. Now not so much. I made one with Sara lee whole grain white and ementaler(sp?). Good stuff.

  2. A cross between traditional grilled cheese and frico goodness. Butter pan and lightly toast 2 slices 1st side of bread. Remove from pan, add more butter. Add a liberal amount of shredded cheddar to make the sandwich. Sprinkle the top outside of the bread with a “frico” amount of cheese, pressing lightly so that it adheres to the bread. Add back to the pan, cheese side down and cook until the cheese is slightly brown and firm. Do the same with the other side of the bread…what you get is a cheese sandwich that basically is enclosed in a crispy, frico crust.

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