Pork Gumbo

Working on a few unfinished posts and I thought of the soon to be famous pork gumbo. This is one I made for UGA/LSU fiasco, so it may be banned from future football outings ‘cept that it was by far the best I’ve made…and I’ve made more than a few good ones.

Basic premise…go pork crazy. Stock made from split trotters and smoked hocks. Roux made with lard. The usual trinity & pope. Lardons. Andouille. Tasso. Pulled pork. Black eyed peas. Collards.

Just try to stop your tongue from beating your brains out! Mouthfeel of stock made with “trotters” or with any hoof/foot for that matter has incredible body. The main drawback with this recipe is that my usual method of defatting was a complete failure. Typically, I cool overnight and remove the risen fat layer in the morning. This recipe basically turned the entire dish into a giant terrine when cooled (fairly gross). Had to reheat and skim…skim…skim…it was worth it.



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