my first taste: pate’

We recently ordered some charcuterie from D’Artagnan as part of a package that contained the following:

-(1) Traditional Le Saucisson Sec Dry Sausage (6 oz)
-(1) Jambon de Bayonne (4 oz)
-(1) Pâté de Campagne (9 oz)
-(1) Peppercorn Mousse (8 oz)
-(1) Traditional Smoked Duck Breast (8 oz)

The two standouts were definitely the duck breast and the pate. The pate’, if you’ve never had it (and I hadn’t), is a combination of several different meats including pork shoulder and liver. Sounds awful, but it’s really great. de Campagne just means it’s country style, like we refer to varieties of ham preparation in the South. While you can serve it cold, it works well quickly sauteed and served with bread, sour pickles, mustard and wine.
Every time I saw this stuff at the market, I thought, yuck-liver! I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised. Think of it more like porky meatloaf. And even if you can’t find it wherever you are, you can order online from D’Artagnan, although the shipping runs high because of what they do to keep it cool.
I’m still looking for those pics of the duck which was amazing. And now that I think of it, what did I do with the peppercorn mousse?


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