vegetarianism redux

It’s the lent season. Again. And that must mean that we’re back to experimenting with vegetarianism! I hope we’re smarter about it this time around, and hopefully it won’t lead to hypercarbovoria like it did last year. Bad all around, but that was the point. It doesn’t have to be. The challenge has always been to eat better. When this whole process started, that was always the goal, and that hasn’t really changed. There have been hits and misses, days where we had the best dinner in town, and other days when we needn’t have bothered turning the burner on.
I’ve been following food writer J. Kenji Lopez-Alt who write for the Serious Eats blog of the New York times, and I find myself in accordance with a lot of what he’s saying, especially in the recap of his month-long experience with veganism.
The key points are that cooking meat should be a special occasion more than a routine just because of you can’t think of anything else to make. By a little bit of restriction, you may actually open yourself up to significant diversification.

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