meat’s around the corner

We’ve still upheld the vegetarianism for the lent season with a few little cheats here and there. It was far easier this time around for a number of reasons. Reflecting on it, there are a few reasons why:

1. Fewer meatless versions of the classics. No veggie lasagna which with bechamel is fat/carb overload.
2. More legumes, particularly chickpeas. Hated them as a kid, now I can’t imagine not eating them.
3. Roasted cauliflower. We’ve posted on it before, it’s good stuff especially when it’s allowed to brown.
4. The addition of umami bombs to various dishes. One Japanese way is to make dashi broth (shiitake mushrooms and kombu seaweed +/- bonito flakes). Other ways are making sure that vegetables are browned which gives them more flavor.
5. Breakfast for dinner. Omelettes for dinner are not the worst thing you can have. Whether you make a creative sauce or not, they’re a perfectly acceptable meal choice outside of breakfast.
6. Mushrooms. See upcoming post.
7. Diversity through restriction. If I cook the same 4 or 5 things all the time, clearly I’ll be lacking in diversity. If I take the usual suspects away, I have to expand my scope to learn how to cook stuff like kale, bok choy, hen of the woods mushrooms, etc.

Feel free to add thoughts, comments, etc.


4 thoughts on “meat’s around the corner

  1. Some local butcher shop there in Nashville got a great little write up in the newest Garden and Gun Magazine. Two trained chefs who decided to get into meat end of things. It’s all locally grown organic beef/lamb/pig/duck etc. They actually go out to the farms and select the animals themselves, do all the butchering, etc. Forget the name but looked like a pretty neat set up. I’ve not had good experiences with locally grown grass fed only beef as the flavor that I prefer is just not there in a steak.

  2. Porter Road Butcher, that’s where I got the cuts that you see. I saw the article, it’s their picture in the magazine. When I bought the pork they told me that the “pig was walkin’ around yesterday.” Maybe I just need to do a post about buying meat and open it up to debate/discussion. I’m curious to see what everyone else does, I’m sure it’s dependent on where you live and what you like, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

  3. A few years back we had a nice butcher shop open up. It wasn’t local meat but it was higher end stuff cut to order, in house produced suasages, etc. I gave him 90% of my business but he only last 2 years before he went under. Now the only place similar is a 35 minute drive away so I’m left with Costco 10 minutes away or a Fresh Market 25 minutes away. When I win the lottery I’m going to open an old school butcher shop. This article a few years ago inspired me.

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