grilled lobster

When they run a special on 2-for-1 lobster tails at the grocery store, I’m in. This is so easy, if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.

Grilled lobster tails with brown butter and lemon
There’s really only one trick here: split the lobster tails down the middle with your chef’s knife to make sure it cooks evenly. I dressed them with a little bit of vegetable oil and salt, grilling shell side down first then flipping and finishing them meat side down.

While they’re grilling, take half a stick of butter and gently melt in a sauce pan. Continue to cook until the butter turns brown and smells a little nutty. This is the brown butter consistency you’re looking for. If it turns black, you’ve overdone it, start over. Drizzle the butter over the lobsters for service on a platter and squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice. Why haven’t I done this before? Oh yeah, because they weren’t on sale.


One thought on “grilled lobster

  1. I like to sprinkle with a little fresh lemon and lime prior to grilling. Sometimes instead of salt I use just a small amont of Tony Catcheres. Too much and it will overwhelm the lobster flavor so just a small pinch is all I use. Fortunately for my wallet the only nearby place I can find them on sale is Costco and they only have them one weekend a month on average. Last time I eschewed them altogether and went with the the king crab.

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