30 minute meal after the roadtrip: tarragon chicken with roasted Brussel sprouts

You left much later than you wanted, it’s late, kids are hungry, it just isn’t the time to get too fancy. Or is it? I would argue that you can do something solid that’s above your standard out-of-the-box/can meal in about 30 minutes. In this case, we try to elevate the lowly boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Tarragon chicken breasts with pan roasted Brussel sprouts

1. Preheat the oven to 325 convection or 350 regular.
2. Trim the woody ends off the sprouts.
3. Take two oven-proof skillets, and heat to medium-high. Use butter for the chicken breasts, neutral oil for the sprouts.
4. Season the chicken with salt and dried tarragon. Trust me, there’s a reason you’ve heard of this combination even if you’ve never made it before.
5. Turn the pans up to high heat, add chicken to one, sprouts to the other.

Salt the sprouts once you’ve tossed them around a bit in the hot pan.
***Note: carefully watch the butter, don’t let it burn. If it starts to turn black, turn the heat down. This is easier on a gas grill, but electric would work, just take it off heat.
6. You’re looking for nice brown on the chicken and char on the sprouts.
7. When the chicken is browned on one side and the sprouts have a little char, flip the chicken and put both pans in the oven.

8. Finishing temp on the chicken is about 140-150.

Personally, I ignore the 160F recommendation. Pull them off and TAKE THEM OUT OF THE PAN, always best to put them on a wire rack and tent with foil.
9. Sprouts are done when they’re fork tender. Reseason with salt and add a little apple cider vinegar to give them some bite.

This is a meal that you’ll have done in 30 minutes if you can multi-task a little bit. While you’re at it, make a pan sauce with the juice that comes out of the resting chicken breasts, a little more butter if you want, and lemon juice or vinegar. If you make this dish once, I bet you come back to it again and again.


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