It’s here…


To follow-up OG’s post…for me, the weather this summer seemed excessively brutal.  I felt like I had endured a continuous beat down from the heat/mosquitos and rarely ventured outdoors to grill/smoke, exercise, sit, anything.  I’m not going to miss the summer…until the winter 🙂  My favorite season has always been the fall.  Football is back, my energy level peaks, braises are around the corner.  Yesterday was the first day that I felt a breeze that was cooling.  That was nice and unexpected given the temperature was in the mid to high 80s.  Afterwards, I knew that al fresco dining was in order. Nothing better than sitting by the fireplace, sipping vino, listening to music, chatting with the wife, and munching on something tasty but effortless.

Last night we had “everything hotdogs” as inspired by the Lucky Peach, chips, grilled veggies.  The hotdogs were Nathan’s on a soft grilled bun garnished with a piped cream cheese/deli mustard mixture, chopped scallions, and everything bagel spice mix (poppy seeds, sesame seed, onion flakes, garlic flakes, salt).

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