BDE takes on the Windy City

No pictures, sorry.  I’ll include website links if you’re interested.

Purple pig.  poached tuna with lima beans and vinaigrette, roasted marrow bones with toast and coarse salt, calimari with Isreali couscous and pistachios, foie gras and membrillo smear, meatball slider, fried pigs ear with kale, pork sweetbreads, lingua agridolce.  Just happened to be across the street from the hotel.
Frontera grill.  We had the brunch menu with ceviche tostadas, mole enchiladas, tacos al carbon, and brunch cocktails.  Solid but a little forgettable.
avec.  Long wait to get in this time, 2 hours, as they don’t take reservations.  Just means more cava which is good and bad.  Deluxe foccacia with taleggio and ricotta (easily one of my most memorable dishes of the trip), chorizo stuffed dates, wood-fired squid with guiancale and fennel, veal sweetbreads, crispy redfish with compressed watermelon, burata with pork bits and tomato, I forget the rest.
DMK Burgers at Lakeview.  #1 with aged cheddar and bacon, balsamic onions, and BBQ sauce.  #2 with onion strings, Amish blue cheese, chipotle ketchup.  Salt and pepper fries, fried pickled okra, blue cheese fries, onion strings, and some good beer topped by the Resin IPA.
Publican.  Dozen oysters on the half shell, octopus with fingerling potatoes and peppers, pickled cauliflower, hamachi crudo, bouchot mussels with grilled bread, spicy pork rinds, veal sweetbreads, grilled beef hearts, espresso chocolate cake.
Mercat a la planxa.  serrano ham and fig salad, fried padron peppers with salt, arroz a la cazuela, mixto croquetas, truita de patatas with spinach and saffron, diver scallops a la planxa, hanger steak with potato croquette and braised short rib, espinacas a la catalana, veal sausage with white beans and pickled carrot, croquettas de xocolata.
The Bristol.  lemonfish crudo, wagyu beef taratare, smoked chicken hearts, panzanella of cucumber with bluefish, chitarra pasta with sweet corn and basil, cavatelli with rib bacon and pasta fagioli, potee’ polonaise with boudin-tongue-beef belly, duck fat fries with aioli and house ketchup.

This is mostly to chronicle where we were and what we had, to see if any of this stuff will influence what we do this fall and winter.  I’m betting it does.

Call it a good start to what should be a fun and interesting fall of cooking. More on that later.


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