smoked cheese

I had great intentions (I usually do). I had a nice chunk of mozzarella and provolone just sitting there begging to have something done to them. I had a couple of tri-tips smoking at low temperature. And I had conceptualized in my mind some pieces of smoked cheese in a salad. Honestly, it’s like a train wreck in slow motion.
From this:

to this.

Ok, so that’s the wrong way. To do it differently I’d make a much smaller fire in a coffee can, or I’d put the cheese in a bowl. If it melts, it will resolidify and the flavor will be in there. Anyone with experience smoking cheese?


3 thoughts on “smoked cheese

  1. Yes. I had an old frig with a remote fire box that I made into a smoker. Temp with the door sealed was about 160*. Cracked the door and could get it down to about 120*. That would smoke cheese like cheddar or mozzorella in an hour. Much longer and it was to smokey to eat. (I had a lot of fun with that smoker.)

  2. Jw is correct – you have to cold smoke with your firebox about four feet from the smoke box and ambient temp should be below 75. In nashvegas you should have a longer cold smoke season than down here. As much as I bate Tech people, one wrote a pretty good book on cold smoking called something like “meat smoking and smoke house design “. Also there are some good online references for simple temporary cold smokers.

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